Interested in supporting impact-driven entrepreneurs and tasting new and delicious food products? This Startup Box is filled with innovative and delicious food products made by (student)entrepreneurs that are supported by StartHub and/or StartLife. Your purchase helps these companies to continue their sustainable business! You will get the chance to try products of 7 different startups, these startups help to reduce food waste and make use of alternative sources like crickets, fungi and seaweed. The box includes food products of the 7 Startup companies, suitable for 4 servings each.

Below you find a a description for each product.

Box + Delivery 50.- €

Delivery only to Wageningen and close surroundings.
The StartUpBox gets delivered every Thursday between 17:00 and 19:00 

Box + PickUp 45.- €

Pick up the StartUpBox yourself in Atlas (Droevendaalsesteeg 4A, Wageningen).
The opening hours are 8:30 and 17:30.
Simply put your normal address in the checkout and we contact you for the pickup

Meet the Startups

Zzinga is made from apple and honey and will try to lure you into the world of bees, flowers and green nature. But more than that it allows you also to take part in a bigger challenge. Bee mortality and loss of biodiversity are huge problems around the world. Zzinga does not only contain sustainably sourced honey from Europe. With every Zzinga you drink, 3cts go to local bee projects here in the Netherlands.

UmaMeats delivers you the juiciest burger of the Netherlands. It is made from lean beef of Dutch milk cows which is enriches with seaweed to make them very juicy. The seaweed also delivers flavour to the meat because it is full of umami, also known as the fifth flavour. This umami flavour enhances the natural flavour of the meat making it possible to create more flavour with less salt.

Green Banana strives to make eating vegetables convenient, tasty and exciting. That’s why we made a variety of delicious pasta. You eat more than 50% veggies while you enjoy a tasty dish of pasta. That’s unique! Within minutes you turn our pasta into a nutritious colourful dish that delights all: no more ‘eat-your-vegetables' wars on the table. We use a variety of vegetables that are under utilised and also use imperfect and surplus vegetables from local farmers.

Botanic Bites: We love FUNGI! Why? Because fungi is full of savoury taste (umami), has a natural meaty bite and a super low ecological footprint. It’s all about DAMN GOOD FUNGI FOOD! You will get one package of zpekjes and one of zwarma which is both 100% vegan.  

Banabar is a new yummy organic fruit & nut bar based on dried banana. Our two flavours Goji & Chia and Cacao & Hazelnut, made with only 4-5 simple ingredients and without any added nonsense. Banabar successfully balances enjoyment and health without compromise.

Krusli: 1/3 of our food is wasted. Too much! That's why we make breakfast cereals from rescued food. We use ingredients that have visual imperfections, yet are perfect when it comes to taste and food safety. We rescue minimal 50% of our ingredients (always aiming for more) and our products contain only a little bit of fruit syrup. So enjoy and let's rescue food together!

The Krekerij: Crispy cricket falafel-balls in a golden coating. With the nutty umami taste from the crickets, the structure of fava bean and wheat protein, and tenderness of plant-based fats, the Krekerij has developed a snack with a low ecological impact, high in taste and naturally rich in nutrients such as iron and vitamin B12. An accessible and tasteful first introduction with Crickets!